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Collections are a simple and effective way of raising money. Here are the major points to bear in mind when arranging a collection.


Collecting and the law

There is a distinction between a store-based collection (such as in the entrance to a supermarket) and a street collection. A stored-based collection usually only require the permission of the manager of the store and are generally easier to arrange because of this.


However, street collections need to be licensed by an appropriate local authority (usually the local council) before taking place - a quick call to the local council will establish who is responsible for licensing.


It is best to give plenty of notice as sometimes local authorities take bookings for street collections months in advance. Saturdays can sometimes be especially difficult to book without considerable notice.


The local authority may require an application form to be completed by the person(s) wanting to do the street collection. They will then issue a permit to hold the collection on behalf of a named organisation. A set of regulations may also be issued.


Getting organised

Once you have a date for your collection, contact Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide as we may be able to advertise your collection dates in our newsletter if they are booked far enough ahead.


If you have a number of volunteers to help out, it will be worth getting together before the actual date to agree a rota for everyone involved. It is also a good idea to visit the area where the collection is going to take place to see where it is best to stand etc.


You will need to order one or more collection tins from us if you haven't already. Please give us at least two weeks' notice and we'll send you some leaflets too.


Take plenty of pictures

As long as you're not camera-shy!, please take pictures of your collection underway, and email us copies of the best ones. It will help us a great deal to be able to illustrate Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide fundraisers in action that will encourage others, and we would also love to be able to report on your endeavours for Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide in our newsletter.



Please be safe! Whilst we really appreciate your support, Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide cannot accept liability for any loss, damage or injury as a result of fundraising for us. All activities and participation in them, are at the organisers' and participants' own risk. Your activity should not pose a danger to you or any onlooker.


Think about whether the location has been checked for health and safety hazards, or if there is adequate access for people with disabilities. If relevant to the location, confirm that first aid supplies, firefighting equipment, emergency evacuation procedures are in place, as well as suitable public liability insurance being in place.


Safeguarding children

Please take extra time when planning fundraising activities involving children. Any fundraisers under the age of 18 years should have their parent or guardian's permission to take part. Make sure children are properly supervised and you've made provisions for lost children at events.


After the event

Depending on how many helpers you had, you should send thank you letters or emails to them. It shows your appreciation and can also be a good opportunity to send out details of your next fundraising event! Keep the money you raised in a very safe place until you can take it to the bank or pass it on to us.Please contact us for intructions on how to arrange this

Thank you.

Fundraising - Organising a Street Collection


Contact us at: Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

White Lyon House, Marden, Kent, TN12 9DR, UK.

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Children in Uganda

Could you organise a street collection to help provide safe anaesthesia for those in poor countires?


In developing countries, many children get seriously scalded and burnt from open cooking fires. Their wounds are extremely painful and frequently need surgical treatment, but little treatment is available.  Fundraising for Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide will enable anaesthesia for the treatment of burns patients to take place. Thank you.

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