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For the past few months we have been fundraising to supply reliable anaesthesia machines to the Al-Hyatt Hospital in Somaliland. The new anaesthetic machines will generate their own oxygen from air and will keep working even during power cuts.


The manufacturer has kindly dispatched and installed the machines although we have not finished paying for them. We are close to reaching our target of £15,000 but we still need a further £2,800. Please help if you can by sending a donation today. Thank you.


Thanks to the generous collaboration of the Australian Rotary and DAK Foundation, two new anaesthetic machines are being donated to Somaliland. These new anaesthetic machines will enable safe essential surgery to save lives and prevent suffering. They will also be used to train new anaesthetists for Somaliland.









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Contact us at: Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide

Email info@safe4all.org.uk

White Lyon House, Marden, Kent, TN12 9DR, UK.

Registered Charity Number 1148254

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Just imagine...

It is late at night and your child is sick. The hospital is 20 miles away. There is no transport so you walk all night carrying your child.


You arrive at the hospital only to find there is no anaesthesia for the surgery your child urgently needs. Will she survive?


Most of us take the availability of anaesthesia for granted. But millions of people in the developing world are not so fortunate. In poor countries, many hospitals lack suitable anaesthetic equipment, medicines and trained staff.


Without anaesthesia, emergency operations cannot be performed and many patients do not survive, especially women in childbirth and children. Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide was formed to ensure anaesthesia is available wherever  it is needed.


Delivering safe anaesthesia to the world's poorest people

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