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Most of us take the availability of anaesthesia for granted. But millions of people in the developing world are not so fortunate. In poor countries, many hospitals lack suitable anaesthetic equipment, medicines and trained staff. Imagine needing an amputation or a Caesarean section without anaesthesia?


Without anaesthesia emergency operations cannot be performed and many patients do not survive, especially women in childbirth and children. Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide was formed to ensure that the benefits of anaesthesia are available wherever needed so that patients can receive the treatment they need, safely and painlessly.


Please help us to supply vital medical equipment and training to people in need and save lives by making a donation online now or visiting our fundraising pages to see how you can help. Thank you

Delivering safe anaesthesia to the world's poorest people

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Oxygen for the Gambia

Thanks to an excellent response to our appeal for funds to improve oxygen supply for hospitals in The Gambia, SAWW has been able to help two hospitals in need.


Many hospitals in Gambia lack an adequate oxygen supply. Oxygen is important to treat pneumonia, the biggest killer of children in the developing world. It is also needed for anaesthesia, emergency medicine, shock, severe bleeding and can be crucial for the survival of mothers with complications in labour.


SAWW provided suitable equipment and training to Bansang Hospital, a rural hospital that is  responsible for the health of some 600,000 Gambians. The equipment that will ensure an adequate supply of oxygen for the paediatric ward at all times. We also supplied the Ahmadiyya Hospital in Banjul with an oxygen concentrator and a Baby CPAP machine, to ensure the survival of premature infants.


Our sincere thanks to the supporters and the charitable trusts whose donations have made this possible, including The Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity.

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How much will you raise?


  • £160 will provide a Lifebox pulse oximeter, to ensure the safety of anaesthetised patients.


  • £1200 provides a concentrator to generate a reliable supply of oxygen inexpensively from the air.


  • £3000 will provide a portable anaesthetic machine that does not require electricity and will work in the low-resource setting of a developing world hospital.


  • Raise £13,000 and you could supply a hospital with a complete anaesthesia system for use in operating theatre and intensive care settings - transforming the lives of many people.

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